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One tool for educators

If you are an educator who believes that marking is time consuming and too stressful, we have just the product for you.


our solution

Aihe will minimize the time you spend creating, administering, marking, and grading a test with one tool, making it more efficient to assess your students.

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    Just drag and drop your test. Give us your email address and we’ll do the rest!
    Intergratable with Google Forms.
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    Once your tests are submitted, you will receive 2 links within a week.
    The 1st link will be for your students to access their tests.
    The 2nd link will be for assessed tests after the students are done.
    Only time you will spend on are drafting and submitting the tests!
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    Free for the first 50 people that join our User Research Program
    See how it looks by requesting early access!

Client Stories


Peter Cleary

Conducting our tests online does away with the need for producing reams of photocopies, thereby saving both time and money, while also being much more sustainable. The second major advantage is that the automatic marking feature largely removes the possibility of human error from the grading process, resulting in the exam season being considerably less stressful than it used to be.


who we are

We are just like you.

We want to spend more time doing what’s

important for us as teachers and as people.

By using technology to provide college

instructors with tests, they will be able to

achieve a work life balance.

Happy teachers make happy students.

Happy students make a better world.

And that’s the most important thing to us.

who we are